2013–present: Technical Director at

ibiblio is both a digital library (a collection of volunteer-led, contributor-managed collections) and a lab at UNC-CH where both undergraduate and graduate students develop skills in UI/UX, database systems, digital archiving, linux systems administration, infosec, and contributor relations. The university has a three-part mission of teaching, research, and service. At ibiblio we are a public service in that our collections are public, a teaching space in that we provide learning opportunities for students pursuing a range of degrees and specialties, and a repository for a range of corpora that have been used by scholars both here at UNC-CH and around the world.

  • Student hiring and supervision.
  • Learning objective development and oversight for students in the Field Experience program.
  • University, Contributor, and other stakeholder relationship management.

2011–present: Systems Administrator with UNC Chapel Hill.

  • Implement and subsequently replace virtualization and automation solutions three times so far.
  • Consolidated and standardized Linux build practices.

September 2008–2010: systems administration and on-call support for The Fire Dog Lake Company.

  • Built, integrating trac, cacti and nagios with an LDAP backend.
  • Lead and coordinate kernel, apache, and other critical updates for a family of 13 blogs with over 3 million visits per month.
  • Implemented ModSecurity 2.x

October 2008–2010: Student Assistant with DocSouth.

  • Updated and repaired outdated management scripts.
  • Developed simile-based timeline for Going to the Show (Django template and JavaScript).

December 2006–2010: Student Systems Administrator with

  • Teach and support fellow student staff who maintain internal infrastructure and support contributor sites.
  • Updates and re-architecture from RHEL 4.
  • Manage mailman instance with 559 lists, over 200 active lists.
  • Co-managed migration from MySQL 4.0.27 to 5.0.51 on a primary database host supporting apache virtual hosts and multiple migrations since.
  • Implemented SpamAssassin UBE filtering for mailing lists.
  • Spearheaded transition to new interface for contributor-facing issue tracker, and later replaced the public help site.
  • Modernized virtual host and user creation scripts.

May 2007–2013: Triangle Linux Users Group (TriLUG) vice-chair.

  • Advocated for and lead implementation of the first anti-harassment policy.

Spring 2006–2010: Co-president of the Carolina Open Source Initiative (COSI), a student group advocating for increased use of Open Source Software on campus.


  • 2007–2010: Masters of Science in Information Science, UNC Chapel Hill.
  • 2007: Bachelors of Science in Information Science, UNC Chapel Hill.


  • Learning goals management, undergraduate and graduate student work management and facilitation.
  • Unix-like Systems Administration.
    • RHEL • debian • Ubuntu • pfsense.
    • Development and Scripting: BASH • Perl • Python • PHP.
    • Packaging: backporting of rpm-based and deb-based packages.
    • Install customization: RHEL kickstart • Ubuntu preseed and LiveCD customization.
  • IP network analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Audio/Video/Stills capture and editing.
  • Blog-, Wiki- or CMS-based publishing and administration.
  • Phone-based customer service, sales and support.